August 29, 2017

-Hello Frank favor May We Know You??

My name is igomu favour Ojonugwa also known as Frankfav4 FF am an artist and a sound engineer

-Were did you start your musical career From?

I started my musical career from kogi state Anyigba I started from the Church room my mum ask me to join the choir when I was 7years old..I believed she notice have got the vibes to become a music star.

-Who inspired you into productions?

I want to say a very big shout out to my childhood friend Romchucks he was the one who inspired me with the likes of 9plus,Rapstar shizzle..Men on music is a family to me.. whatever iam today you guys made the way for me..because you guys made me believed have got something inside of me..God bless RMG..God bless MOM

Please Frankfav4 tell us about your educational background

In 2007 I finished my secondary school from OBSSS Ochaja were I enroll myself for computer training @ AJB computer training center.. After the training
I got admission into the federal polytechnic idah were I studied electrical/electronics engineering after my ND program in 2012 I got admission into Kogi state University were I was giving physics education to the grace of God I will be rounding up this been God all the way

-Are your parents in support of your musical career?

At a point they were not because of the exposure in musical was a great battle..but later they saw the vision and the great passion I had for music so they have no option than to join and support my interest.. I wanna say a very big outshout to my mum..
Mrs Regina igomu. She the reason why am still doing this

-Frankfav4 can you please tell us about your Family background?

I wanna start by saying I love my family more than life itself ..I came from a family of seven (7) all boys ..I came out to become the second Dad is a bishop the grace of God upon his life is always at work in us anywhere we go..My elder brother pastor success is my role model I always learn from his attitude his messages got me growing in faith.. In fact I always want to be like him when I grow up..My imitate younger brother Vic3 is Gods gift to my carrier.. His also a producer like me..Gods power is also a gift to our generation because his a man of Wisdom..Courage,Destiny,Progress are all my favorite.. I believed one day we will be up in the sky like super man.

-What is your worst experience in your career so far.?

My worst experience so far is the day arm robbers broke into my studio and stole everything..I pray not to experience such again IJN

-Who are you looking up to work with in the Nigeria music industry presently?

Wow..this is a very important question.. Well I think am feeling Runtown..I love his pattern of music..I love his person..I will love to have him on a track soon..his got the vibes..big shout out Mr RTT

-Tell us about your Team mates and Record label Potters House Records?

Have been underground for about 10years now..have recorded and produced many songs..but during the Assu Strike this early this year Me and my Friend Elyonsweet decided to come up with a Hit ENEMIES and believed me that was my first official track I uploaded on sites.. That song became a blessing to potters house was after the song I had a contract with MBK..believed me PHR is on Fire already.. Big shout out to Chris Guy for keeping it real…his making me proud

-Finally Frankfav4 tell us about the EP From kogi to the world!

A very big shout out to teeziking,brollings,Elyonsweet, Skool free.. We recorded 17tracks on that shit..tha Ep is still cooking.. Sorry for the will come out like the bomb is gonna blow your mind.. Believed me..The released date will soon be review to you..

-What do you have to say to your Fans?

I just want you to know ..That You made the way for Us. but in God we trust.. We are moving together nobody is left out..We are moving FKTTW with Grace.
Thanks to Powerof9ja for this great interview.. Remain bless.

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