Album: Mon Laferte – SEIS (Zip File)

April 8, 2021

Album: Mon Laferte - SEIS (Zip File)


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Seis is an intensely personal album; a unique work that hints at a new phase for the Chilean artist.SEIS was inspired by a documentary about Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, who is best known for revolutionizing Mexican ranchera music. Vargas spent her last years in Tepoztlán, where Mon Laferte now lives. From the tranquility of the town, the album’s guitar lines mirror the environment from which it came.

The songs were born during the global pandemic and heavy isolation. SEIS includes carefully crafted lyrics, brought forth from self-reflection, allowing Mon to explore her deepest feelings, leaving nothing but vulnerability at this rare time. The album is cemented by the powerful single “Que Se Sepa Nuestro Amor,” a duet with Alejandro FernandezRolling Stone called it “theatrical,” adding, “Fernández and Laferte exchange operatic verses befit for a bodice-ripping romance novel.” Billboard said, “It’s the collaboration we didn’t know we needed… one of the most attractive pairings of the year.”


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