[Spoken Words] – Meeky – Let Me Be

May 26, 2021

If I’m the other woman
Let me go
If I be the one you run to in your insecurity
When the light of union run stale and pain cut you to the core
Let me be
If I’m the one that made you monster in her fairytale
Let me know
Delightfully unique, I am your taste in feminine companionship
My heart hammers at the sight of you like a blacksmith at his anvil
I can’t suppress the lump forming on my throat at your well practiced technique of flattery,
Turning dust to silver
Unsavory salt to gold
The one that keeps you straight when you lose your head and lost your moon

Your queen, who is willing to play the fool with subtle tool that can draw you from the pool when trouble shake your blues

I am like an African goddess, I’ve got the gut, the poise, the gait
From my bosom to ireke
I breathe feminine eloquence
All the curves are in the right places, making your mind wander to the wrong places

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An ornament that has been won
Accessory pleasing to the eyes of all, but sure not a bet to show the world you have won
A couple of pearls should make you fulfilled right?
Oh how wrong
You need the wave, the storm, the pull
The subtle and deceitful pessimism that sometimes rip you off, nudge, urge and cheer you on
Something you can compare to fine painting, masterful drawing, orgasmic food, elegance of proportion and value of color
Voice that ignite powerful flow of spontaneous feeling
A cheerful countenance that sometimes cloth the earth with tranquility like the way, the star adorns the sky

You want me in the way you never wanted her
Our soul you never touch with dirty hands
Thrills, Goosebumps and butterflies
But I’m still the other woman
So let me be
Let me be not


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