This a question I’ve heard many people ask, but the discussions I’ve witnessed always end in confusion. I will try to answer that question with this article.
     First of all, fame is good and very important, with it you have a shot at becoming wealthy, but that’s only if you use it right.
     While, money of course – is something humans can’t do without. You need money for virtually every deal you do. People get paid in money, pay their taxes in money, get gifted money and so on and so forth.
      In this debate, there is a line of arguement that keeps coming up, and that is “Money is easier to lose than fame.” While, this might appear true, having a huge amount of money is an evidence of wealth, but having fame with no money isn’t.
      I will make the answer to this question clearer and simplier by highlighting the fact, that they are different forms of fame; your face can be popular, without your name being known – your name can be famous, while your name remains unknown, and you can also have both, the complete type of fame that is.
      While fame, can make you wealthy, money can also make you famous. But, you can spend, invest, hold and see money because it’s tangible. You can’t do that with fame, because it’s unpredictable and you simply have to spend money to make money. Or What do you think?
                                                  – Isima Odeh

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