Have you ever experienced an emergency and wished you could
place an order and have it delivered that same day? If you have,
you can do so now! Introducing the Same Day Delivery service by
With the Same Day Delivery Service, when you place order on
http://www.konga.com/same-day-delivery-servicebefore11am ,
rest assured that your item will be delivered to you on that same
day! However, if you order after 11am, the item will be delivered to
you on or before 12 noon the next day.
You no longer have to fret about what to wear to that date,
forgetting to get your partner a birthday gift, replacing a
damaged item urgently, or whatever shopping emergency you might
have. You can now place your order and have it delivered to your
doorstep that same day.
This service is available from Monday to Saturday. We are currently
starting with the Lagos metropolis but will expand to other parts of
Nigeria soon.
Here is another great reason to Try Konga! Click to here shop and
get it same day.

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