Lynxxx is set to make a big comeback with two albums, and one ready to drop very soon.
The R&B singer/rapper has been on a bit of a hiatus since he dropped a single last year with
Tekno titled ‘ Pray for me’.
The Syndik8 records frontline act was initially scheduled to drop his sophomore album in November 2015 but failed to. 
The rapper has been in hibernation mode and according to him has used the period to study the financial aspects of the business, as well as discover his purpose and channel that into his music. He made this known via his Instagram account.
“ Evolution is the greatest thing that can happen to man. Growth and formation development, realization of Purpose and ignition of real drive, passion and value puts you in the state of mind to really impact the world in ways you have never imagined,” the ‘ Fine lady ‘ crooner wrote on Instagram.
“In the last year alone i have evolved into a being i never envisioned i would be but overall this is the most fulfilling state of mind, body and soul.
“Its All been channeled into the Music and i cant wait to share these experiences with you lot. Music for me has taken a whole new dimension, the purpose is to impact the world from my Perspective and i have no doubt that my people would be able to connect and relate instantly, i promise it would be worth the long wait.
“2 project Ready, 1 soon to be delivered to the uD83CuDF0D… Lets start over, This time with a purpose! ,” he revealed on the picture sharing site.
Lynxxx dropped his debut album ” This is Lynxxx” in 2010 with songs like ‘ Change your parade ‘ and ‘ Alabukun ‘ featuring Banky W rocking the airwaves.
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