Yesterday, the president of Malawi Peter Mutharika slammed T.B Joshua
over a prophecy he made recently. Sometime in January, T.B Joshua said a
president in Southern African will die before April 1st.. “End of
February to April this year, peculiar months for Southern Africa.”
Joshua said

Reacting, Mutharika, who became president in 2014 said “I’m told there
is a man in Nigeria called Joshua and he is saying that Zimbabwe
President Robert Mugabe and Peter Mutharika will die before April 1. Let
me tell you, Joshua… you will fail. What you did in 2012 will not
happen again this year,” the president said on state TV. Now, what did
Joshua do in 2012 that got the president scared?


In 2012 Joshua said  He predicted the death of a president of an unnamed southern African country.
Mutharika’s brother, Bingu, who was president at the time, died
within the predicted time frame.

President Mutharika then used his church building collapse to mock Joshua
“Why did he not foretell this tragedy? This all shows that he is a liar. He just wants to raise money”

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