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AC Milan of Italy striker Mario Balotelli regrets choosing to represent
the Azurri of Italy over the Black Star of Ghana according to his
biological father, Thomas Barwuah. Thomas Barwuah is the man who gave
Balotelli up for adoption while he was a child, before he was adopted by
his now Italian parents, who the Italian striker refers to as his ‘real

The Ghanaian FA tried to convince him to represent the West African
country back in 2011, but he opted to represent Italy instead, a
decision the father says he striker regrets due to the constant racist
abuse he endures in Italy.

Himself [Balotelli] has started realising he made a big mistake playing
for the Italian national team and he has told friends about it,” Barwuah
told GazzettaGhana.

“He is not being treated well, true they don’t show him the love he
deserves for his great talent and skill. I think that all he gets is
abuse, especially from the media here and that is because he is black”. 

“They don’t like him and it started from the beginning, they didn’t want
to see a black boy like himself taking glory of the Italian national

His biological dad was a Ghanaian immigrant who lived in Italy with wife
Rose. They had Mario in Sicily, only to give him up for adoption at the
age of three in 1993 to the Balotellis, a family of Italian Jews, for
unexplained health reasons.

Mario with the Balotellis

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