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Samankwe is not a word u just come about everyday…. I was making an instrumental sometime last year, I was just mumbling with the beat and groove, Samankwe just came outta my mouth…. I called Maikel kamal. And he wrote the song for me… I recorded, and dropped it on my birthday 2nd of January this year… Before we even dropped the song, I made calls, researched to find out the meaning, I didn’t really get the meaning… So, it’s not a word Dat has a meaning that everybody use.. They heard my song and loved it, instead of supporting, they stole my concept probably because I don’t have the kinda money they use to promote their songs… They can’t even give you little recognition for hardwork, what upcomers suffer everyday from this guys are Terrible… I’m really disappointed.

By Lekan

4 thoughts on “Rapper & Producer Comes For Dr Amir And Harrsong For Stealing His Song”
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