THOMSINGZ is an inspirational and dynamic worship singer, an alternative rock artiste whose cravings are borne out of the power of the Holy Ghost. He sings with so much dynamism, breathing life through the word and experience in the blessings of the Spirit of God, thus the name “SINGSPIRATION”.
He started singing at a tender age and grew in the nurture of the local choir of his home town. He contributed through singing and playing of the keyboard, writing and composing songs, voice training and vocal coaching. He then moved to join Faith Tabernacle Mass choir, Living Faith Church (a.k.a Winners Chapel), Canaan Land, Otta where he participated, learnt and got more experiences. Now a full time Dunamite after relocation. Still learning and still doing it with Dunamis Voice International (DVI).”He Will FixIt Up” is a brand new single from Thomsingz. This song will make you understand that, amidst all of these happenings in the world today, the only solution is to turn to God. Return to your maker, “He Will Fix It Up”. He’s the solution to all your troubles and worries.


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