Peter and Paul Okoye are currently the kings of the internet with stories of their beef emanating every day.
More light was recently thrown on the issue by Peter Okoye, who gave an interview stating that he needed a change in their managerial structure. 
According to the singer, when his concerns were met with no valid response, hence his desire to fire Jude, get a new management and discuss the revenue sharing formula.
All of these had not gone down well with Jude and Paul. They have both not shared extensive stories, but both brothers have always threatened Peter that Psquare will be dissolved if he gets new management. But Peter has called their bluff, setting up a new management team, and going solo with the name Mr P.
But what’s next for Psquare? How can they move past this and begin to record music with no rancor and acrimony?
They go solo.
Peter and Paul have been recording and performing exclusively together for over 15 years. They have hit the height of African entertainment, conquered different markets and become financially successful. But now they have plateaued. It’s normal for people who have conquered every stage of their career and experienced success to plateau. Plateaus have always existed
– The Plateau Effect is a force of nature as real and fundamental as gravity. Plateaus, such as the force of acclimation, can be healthy and helpful. But career plateau has a devastating effect.
Peter Okoye wants more for himself and the team, hence his search for new ways of business. Competition is stiff already, and only those who adapt can stand the test of time.
Psquare ought to split, sign different managers for their individual careers, and take their life in the direction they want as individuals. Paul Okoye can choose to remain with Jude, as Peter clearly wants none of that. Both acts can choose to return as a group and record Psquare songs, but should also have the freedom to pursue solo careers and engagements.
New legally-binding contracts need to be signed, with strict profit sharing percentages should be drafted and made law. We have seen this happen to groups worldwide. 
Even in Africa, a good example is the Ghanaian group R2bees comprising of Mugeez and Paedae (Omar Sterling). Both acts have different artistic directions, hence they record as individual acts, but also do come together to record and release songs as a group.
Also, Peter and Paul also need to transition from kings of Africa, into kingmakers. They need to set up their record labels, identify acts, and groom them into superstars. Only then can they directly leave behind a legacy for posterity.
The drama is needless and a solution is clear, but when egos and family bond are thrown into business, things get muddled up, and productive outcomes aren’t pursued by teams.

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